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Yesterday's Heroes


Adelaide has prime place in the fabric of Australian Music. Enrico (Mick) Morena (of the Adelaide Music Collective),looks at how this legacy continues to live on, literally, in our current (local) musical industry.


When the Adelaide Music Collective was formed late last year and since it’s first “AMC Sessions” in March this year, it has promoted and given a platform to SA original music. Above all , the “Sessions’ have brought together 5 generations of established high achieving artists, all in one night, and helped to create a much needed link between this musical fraternity of creative performers. (sadly lacking to my naked eye and knowledge).


What a year 2014 has been for Adelaide’s music scene since then. With the establishment earlier this year of the AMC SA Music Hall of Fame (with it’s Founder David ‘~Daisy” Day) and it’s subsequent induction of 36 Hall of Fame inductees, (by Daisy), it has given our city a renewed pride and awareness in the achievements of our musical pioneers....the last 50 years read like a who’s who!

31 of the SAMHF inductees still live in Adelaide and the majority of them are still performing. Who and where are they do you ask! Well, it’s time we began to celebrate our own (which is one thing I do admire greatly about the American Music industry and we could learn from).


Firstly though, let’s look at the what we have achieved (and are continuing to achieve) both nationally and internationally, right here from little ol’ Adelaide.

Let’s begin with the Master’s Apprentices, The Twilights, Fraternity going through to The Angels, Cold Chisel, moving on swiftly to Redgum, Paul Kelly, Becci Cole, let’s not stop there, Casey Chambers, The Audreys, Hill Top Hoods....ok you’re thinking more contemporary...Guy Sebastian, Sia Fuler, Orianthi Panagaris.....what about being even more demographically up to date, The Shaolin Afronauts, M4 SONIC, Truth Corroded, Timberwolf....and on it goes.More you say! Ok then: Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble (all from LRB), Swanee,  Archie Roach, Alan Sandow (Sherbet), Terry Britten, Robert Stigwood (yes, him)...


So, why do we punch above our weight then? Is it because we (Adelaidians), have an inferiority complex with our eastern neighbours (the world)? Is it we feel as though we have to prove ourselves precisely because we don’t celebrate our own? Some may even say we aren’t of global relevance and not musically equal, really?!

Whatever the reason, we have produced a great many musical icons in this cultural city of ours (and SA as a whole), and with the new breed of younger artists....a plethora there of.....Adelaide’s continued legacy and contribution is not in doubt.


Having been a touring sideman for many years (both in Australia and London), I can speak with genuine insider knowledge, when I say we have the originality, passion and musicianship to match it globally. We may not have in numbers but it does exist and it does practise it’s wares right here in Adelaide (SA)

Yes, I agree , we are not New York nor London or even Sydney in some regards, but we have the raw talent, no doubt.


Having said all this, the SA Music Hall of Fame moves into the State Library of South Australia next February for 6 weeks for it’s debut exhibition ,”Yesterday’s Heroes”. There will be weekly “Up close and personal’ Q&A sessions with many of our yester year heroes from the Master’s Apprentices, The Twilights, The Angels, Fraternity etc.


The Exhibition runs from Friday 6th Feb through to Sat 21st March 2015....admission is free, as are the “up close and personal” sessions. There is also a AMC SAMHF “Yesterday’s Heroes” concert (benefit) planned for the beautiful Mortlock Library during the exhibition...details to be announced very soon. 


What exciting times we live in currently ... 'the times , they are a changin’ , oh yes they are. One man can make a difference “with a little help my friends”, as all I can say to that......



Hail the AMC , Hail the SAMHF , Hail Adelaide ....long may your musical legacy live on.


Enrico Mick Morena AMC Founder and SAMHF ~Director.

The Mortlock Library Concert Has Sold Out

There are still spaces left for the free 'Up CLose and Personal Sessions on every Tuesday night:

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