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The South Australian Music Hall Of Fame was founded by Adelaide Radio Legend David 'Daisy' Day, who donated over 40 years of memorabilia, some of which is currently displayed at St Paul's Creative Centre in Adelaide's CBD. The SA Music Hall of Fame not only celebrates the careers of successful Music Industry personalities, it also brings them together, creating relationships with the upcoming youth and future of South Australian Music.


“The value of these pioneers as mentors to younger players is immeasurable, it’s a good way for the different generations to better get to know each other.”

Enrico Morena – Adelaide Music Collective Founder



David Day’s inception of the Hall Of Fame came through conversations had with fellow Adelaide DJ and music personality, John Vincent. John passed away in 2009 and Daisy in 2015. Their shared passion and dream is carried on today and their faces don the medallions awarded to each inductee, many of whom they helped and worked with, playing a part in establishing their music careers.


Gary Burrows of the Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) introduced David Day to Enrico Morena who had returned from decades spent in England. Enrico established the Adelaide Music Collective and together with Daisy worked together to bring the AMC Sessions, which facilitated both organisations' goals.


The Adelaide Music Collective (AMC) is a Collective of Adelaide artists/associated professionals with National and International experience in the music industry. The AMC headed by Enrico Morena, is overseen by a committee and operates as a Collective of respected industry professionals who network in a spirit of egalitarianism to assist each other by encouragement, co-operation and facilitating access to knowledge and resources which drive the development and recognition of Adelaide as a musical hub. The vision of the AMC is to brand Adelaide in a similar stature to Austin, Nashville and Seattle. The AMC establishes links to Adelaide artists.


The South Australian Music Hall Of Fame has expanded to inducting Venues with the support of Ian Horne and the Australian Hotels Association. There are still many more South Australian musicians whom are yet to be inducted and the SA Music Hall Of Fame is looking towards the future. With special thanks to all volunteers especially Enrico Morena, Gary Burrows, Victor Marshall and Daisy’s wife Annette Day for continuing Daisy’s original vision.



“I’ve loved music all my life and I went to the other side of all these guys who wrote these big hits and tried to help them as much as I could. I think I have and I love them for their music and the people I put into the Hall Of Fame, I can honestly call mates. Thank you very, very much.” 

SA Music Hall Of Fame Founder – David ‘Daisy’ Day


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Beeb Birtles - SA Music Hall Of Fame Today Tonight Story
SA Music Hall Of Fame

Beeb Birtles - SA Music Hall Of Fame Today Tonight Story

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In Memory of David 'Daisy' Day

Published by: Victor J. Marshall

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